I&E Construction’s concrete rehabilitation experts perform skilled, high-quality work and are known for excellent customer service. Extensive experience with building restoration work, including facade, parking garage, and balcony repair, enables us to provide full-service solutions for exterior repairs. We have helped many of our clients in Florida and the Pacific Northwest save time and money with a proactive approach to concrete repairs and rehabilitation.

With time concrete structures are going to need repair. Extreme weather, contact with water, and high traffic can cause concrete to crack and breakdown. Leaving it unattended leads to further deterioration and increases your risks of expensive rebuilds. Our concrete building restoration experts provide practical solutions to protect your investment. Excellent workmanship and knowledge of the latest repair techniques help us complete the most complicated rehabilitation projects while working with your budget and timeline.

Identifying the cause and extent of damage is critical to successful concrete rehabilitation. Our strong grasp of building envelope engineering combines with restoration experience to present you with a lasting solution. We work closely with architects, engineers, property owners, and managers to ensure a job is well done.

Are there visible signs of problems, such as cracks, chipping, staining, or holes? Not sure what kind of concrete rehabilitation work you require? We can help!

We collaborate with you and work towards developing a cost-effective concrete rehabilitation plan and are open to phasing repairs to meet your requirements. A detailed assessment, scope, and estimate are presented before work begins so that you know what to expect at every step.