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With decades of expertise, we approach every project, large or small, with the same integrity, excellence, and dedication to deliver you the best possible outcome in construction services.

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Our success comes in building and maintaining high-quality projects and relationships that exceed your expectations.

I&E performed repairs at Carter Glen Condominiums located in Orlando, Florida. This community, consisting of 139 buildings and 417 units, showed extreme signs of damage due to water intrusion. All associated deterioration has now been replaced, including the wood-framed walls and deficiencies at windowsills. Our team also installed new waterproofing systems to windows, balconies, and cladding to ensure longevity in the building's life. The I&E team has created a strong relationship with the owners and managers by forming a reliable schedule and consistent communication. The project managers were keen on end-of-the-day clean-up. Being an occupied restoration, creating a well-kept environment for the homeowner's daily life and peace of mind was a top priority.
At I&E Construction, we are unified in our passion for your project, delivering on our mission and core values of Safety, Service, Scale, Skill, Sincerity, and Success. Our leadership team evolved through the trades and as skilled craftspeople, excelling as informed mentors with hands-on problem-solving backgrounds. By combining our diverse field experience, we deliver and maintain the best in communities by offering a comprehensive approach to construction with an experienced builder mentality. We approach each project, big or small, with the same level of integrity and excellence.
In October, I&E wears pink. We wear pink for the survivors, the undiagnosed, future patients, and for those who have lost their lives in the battle against breast cancer. This difficulty hits close to home for many, as one in eight women will likely develop breast cancer in their lifetimes. With strong integrity, our Xanadu team showcases our constant support by switching our shirts from I&E orange to pink for the month of October, ensuring the spread of awareness through the construction industry.
Why does concrete corrosion occur near the shore?

Concrete is very porous, which is one of its greatest strengths yet an even greater weakness. The concretes nature allows it to "breath" and expand/contract, in-hand, allows for one of the most corrosive elements found in nature to penetrate its system - salt.

The salinity in and around the beachfront area contributes to concrete spalling. With the salty/moisture-wicking air penetrating the concrete down to the rebar, fissures emerge during erosion. Corrosion will proceed with building-deterioration if not halted by repairs until it is inhabitable due to safety violations in the structural integrity.

Taking annual preventative measures and immediate concrete remediation when spalling has occurred is the best cure to stop deterioration.
Our concrete building restoration experts provide practical solutions to protect your investment. We have helped many clients through Florida, and the Pacific Northwest save time and money with a proactive approach to concrete repairs and rehabilitation. Our team holds extensive experience with building restoration work, including facade, parking garage, and balcony repairs, enabling us to provide full-service solutions for exterior maintenance.
We are experts in complicated coordination when working in occupied spaces. Our team prides itself on minimizing community impact and restoring buildings to a new purpose. Thank you for the kind words from Clayton Crossing Community Member, Mindy Billick.